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toxic/complex yaoi recs?

i really wanna get back into yaoi as a genre so does anyone have any good recs? my only limit is i don't like child x adult. teenager x adult is fine (i like loveless after all...) but young children and adults is a hard no for me.

i have come with reccomendations of my own as well!

  • loveless: it has teen x adult and implied incest later on. the main character is a traumatized kid who goes from being abused by his older brother (in a toxic "i will keep you safe from everything" kind of way) to being in a surprisingly sweet friendship/relationship with his brothers friend. it's also supernatural and has a genuinely interesting plot as well!
  • DRAMAtical murder: visual novel where every bad end is incredibly toxic. the good ends are probably my favorites, but i love some of the characters bad ends... plus there are a lot of toxic themes even on some characters good routes (one of the characters quite literally being an alter of the MC who transferred conciousness into the body of his brother. it's complicated.)

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Reply by Cypher


thr manhwa legs that wont walk

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Reply by もみじ


If you still haven't read it, I recommend an older Nitro+Chiral novel: Togainu no Chi. Especially Shiki's route. Not only it's toxic as hell, but it's also black comedy gold.

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