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helloo!! any divinekins?

hi I am salvador (she/her) and today I just found out I am divinekin :] more specifically godkin but theres types. 

If you dont know what that term is here is the meaning to save ur time: Divinekin (also known as deitykin, godkin, celestialkin, and angelkin) are otherkin who identify as a divine being. This being may be a deity that already exists in the print of holy texts or one that is not known yet.

There's not alot of research on this term like other kins that are out there nor is it very popular so this is the best definition. it's hard to explain how I knew I was divine so I wont explain here but if ur curious you can ask I dont mind! if you dont identify as this its tots fine we can still be great friends if you want

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I'm angelkin! 

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