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Posted by Kaizar Nike "Nick"


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Pointing kobold, what's he pointing at? The words. "Strike the Earth"

Anybody here play the new Dwarf Fortress? Or even the old? It carved a big niche in the games between roguelike and roguelite and city builders/ simulations. Notch got his inspiration from it (tho I hear he has the wrong opinion on things), and I believe it popularized numerous genres from which sprung all over Steam, including Rimworld. Now it has a Steam release!

It already made millions, now it wants to contend with Baldur's Gate 3 and make a sprawling open world roguelike RPG to explore, namely the old adventure mode spruced up! Of course when I usually play, I have at least one mod, since it's so moddable (I haven't figured out how to make one of my own yet.)

So far I haven't dug too deep into the Steam version, been mostly watching others play it, been mostly waiting for the adventure mode. Got the mods I want mostly worked out, gotta have all playable races imo.

Have any tales from the deeps?

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Reply by Josh Average


I love Dwarf Fortress! I think my most memorable experience was playing for several hours with friends in a Discord call, and I couldn't look anything up except what they told me in call. It was pretty fun, we got at least 100 Dwarves and were main exporting Bone Crafts and trying to make a big library.

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