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To My Afram Latibaer (Of LazyTown) ...

Posted by PurpleShamen


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I felt that to live was to love when because of you, but without your devotion in tending to, while i always endeavoured in watching you too, with a love that perhaps was instead of you. So now in destroying my spirited side (for the sorrow of friendship denied) -once considered a friend, but as my show ends and you move on to fanciful things ...

This short poem was of the imagined account of a LazyTown fan as told from the perspective of the fictional TV character of "Stephanie" as she explains how she was losing a fan and a friend and of how some LazyTowners can fall out of love with this wonderful programme, to leave it behind and to move on without ever looking back ...Sadly, not every LT fan will remain so indefinitely ...

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