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meanings and terms !!

ed meanings and terms:

weight acronyms:

cw - current weight

hw - high weight, the highest weight you’ve been

sw - starting weight, can be when your ed started or your hw

lw - low weight, the lowest weight you’ve been

gw - goal weight

ugw - ultimate goal weight, the final weight you wish to be

restriction ones:

high res - eating generally <700

low res - eating generally >700

mid res - eating around 700

omad - one meal a day


ana - anorexia

mia - bulimia

arfid - avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder

ednos - eating disorder not otherwise specified

bed - binge eating disorder

ortho - orthorexia


bc - bodycheck

binge - eating a large amount of food in a short amount of time

fast - not eating, consuming calories; can differ based on type of fast

liquid fast - not eating any food, only low cal drinks like coffee, tea, or water

c/s - chew/spit, when you chew up your food and spit it out afterward to not have any caloric intake

b/p - binge/purge 

⭐️ing - starving

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tysm i didn' know all these thermes for ana i'm really thankfull for you to share it! :3

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