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what is your weirdest dream?

for me its deiently a dream where i controlled myself in it if hat makes sense?

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Reply by Nisia


for me it's probably a dream I had like a two years ago, when I met two guys around like 13/14. I remember we were sitting behind some sort of barricade and and everything was black and white. Out of nowhere one of them told me two dates one was 1943 and the other one was 1956. As I searched when I woke up those two days are the dates of birth and the death of Romek Strzałkowski, a boy who died at the age of 13 from a bullet during a workers' attack. I'm confused to this day, I never knew about him before and the details are what confuses me the most, where would that even come from?  I had a few dreams with him and his friend later on, but it wasn't that weird.

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