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toxic yuri recs

i love yuri/f/f/gl fiction that depict toxic, unhealthy, codependent, or abusive relationships and i would love to know if anyone has recommendations... manga is my focus here but i'm good with all media formats!

i don't actively seek out incest or age gaps necessarily but i'm not triggered by them so feel free to recommend them, but maybe add a little warning if your recommendation contains these themes in case someone is triggered by it ^_^

i also have two manga recs for everyone yaayy
  • kitanai kimi ga ichiban kawaii by manio (completed)
  • zenbu kowashite jigoku de aishite (destroy it all and love me in hell!) by kuwabara tamotsu
that's all, have a good day ^_^

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Reply by YI SANG


I adore doomed yuri and codependent with my entire being if that counts, wanted to ask what fandoms you're in so I can scour a bit more easily.

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Reply by DAZEY / KARMA!! ⚢


i'm still seeking stuff out myself! but the two manga i mentioned are big ones for me. i know happy sugar life is (aswell as age gap + yandere) doomed yuri too, and for something more mainstream puella magi madoka magica involves a doomed yuri aspect to its plot. my friend likes the when they cry series and i've been meaning to get into it and it has toxic and doomed yuri as well from what i've heard ^_^

i recommend the visual novel "it gets so lonely here" as well!

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