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Fav Object Show and/or Recommendations !!

Share your favorite object show(s) or some object show recommendations !!

My favorite object show is kinda basic but who cares!!! I rlly like Inanimate Insanity as it sticks to the general plot of an object show while also including more in depth topics and backgrounds about the characters.

While Iโ€™ve watched my fair share of object shows, Iโ€™m always on the lookout 4 more to watch, so drop some recs below ^__^

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Reply by sam the ULTIMATE METAL!!


try case 139!!ย theres only 1 episode, but give it a shot if your willing to!!

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Reply by Russell !! ๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿฆˆ๐Ÿš


Ooo it looks very interesting and well made ! Iโ€™ll def check it out !!

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i rlly like excellent entities/extraordinarily excellent entitites, though it's humor can be a little edgy for my taste

aside from that, there's also supernova specialization, otherworldly ravenous beast, village of objects, race for the keys, object lockout, twilight orchards, the broadcast objective, and battle of idiots but better! theres also a few comics like escape from abject reality, survive object poll island, and ten rules! hope i could help :D

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Reply by NA.Currant


I recommend Team room 125 (finished ig), battle for pongone (unfinnished), into the canvas (idk about this one) and tittletext!!

team room 125 is more of unserious show

battle for pongone has really nice style, and some interesting plot

into the canvas is ineteresting, and i cant wait for the 3rd episode

and tittletext is relaxing, cute, and has unique art style!!


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