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Please Help! Applying Customized Font (DAFonts and CufOnFont)- Excluding Google Fonts

Trying to Customize The Headers & body

I do not like to use google fonts because of how limited it is. I tried to change the headers of my profile to a  “trash/grunge” font into my profile. I had followed a lot of formats that supposedly it only works if a different font was used but when I input mine (I usually convert the font from .WOFF to .TTF) the layout appears but the font is default serif… x’c 

This is the font that I want to use…if anyone is kind enough, can you guys try converting it and use the appropriate script for a header (above the profile btw)? I would really appreciate it guys! <333 feel free to use this font as well! <33


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Reply by Ryan


Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding something, but I don't think the issue has to do with converting anything. Rather, in order the use the font on your profile, it would have to be hosted on website somewhere. If it were hosted, you could use CSS to retrieve it for use on your profile. Taking a look at the Cufon Fonts website, it appears you can only download fonts from them. It doesn't seem like they host them.

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