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Tell me your political ideologies!!! >:]

Posted by Ⓐ☭Mrówa☭Ⓐ


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I'm a Anarcho-Communist!!

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Reply by girlsdoom


I very honestly haven't thought about it since 2020, but ive been leaning towards anarcho-communism in the back of head. I can't say for sure yet tho

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Reply by XxDespairFactionAshtonxX


I never really applied any labels to myself other than libertarian left, and I know I am preeetty left. I think I am along the lines of libertarian marxist to anarcho-communist. I strongly believe that social services and community support would be far healthier and better for society than heavy authoritarian control like we currently have in the United States of America. I think capitalism is inherently exploitative and harmful to the working class and the environment and we need to get rid of that system entirely. 

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