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In-Character Fan Poetry?

Posted by snakeness


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Does anyone else write poetry from the perspective of a character they like? Like first person fanfiction, but as poetry?

Here's an example I wrote of Mamimi from Fooly Cooly:
The whole world, me too, only thinks about destroying.

Knowingly, Unknowingly,

Understandably, without just cause at all-

All of this. All at once.
I… hurt.

Destroying yourself gives you a real nice costume.

Like control's ghost, a really bad superhero, or the Sheriff of nothing at all. It's not as ugly as you'd think once you put it on.

At least, nobody else did that. Me did that. Myself did that. I… did that.

And for once, I… had an impact.

I might just post these on my Blog section here or something.

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Reply by robbie


so little replies it makes me feel alone :')

yep, i do this, especially as characters who are poets/authors (or i think they would be). it's also super embarrassing when people who flip through my notebooks to find poetry that doesn't align with my own life... how am i supposed to explain that my hyperfixations get this odd

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