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Ok so what is normal to feel after getting blood drawn (obv medical cw) [closed]

Little urgent but I just got my blood drawn for the first time today and I wanna know what to expect, it still stings at the site where they drew my blood when I straighten my arm and then my hand will start feeling tingly and weird, is this normal?

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Reply by angel


hi! hope ur okay! i've gotten blood drawn multiple times because i've been on accutane, the area was always a bit tingly a bit after, so i would say no worries! but just keep an eye open!

keep me posted, would like to hear if you're okay? <3

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Reply by UrlocalPossum


Thnx, Srry I’m so late, it’s doing much better, has healed, I ended up asking my mom abt it, since she’s had her blood drawn before, told me they probably just hit a nerve, tbf there seem to be a lot of nerves in the area they chose so not very surprising. I was mostly worried bc low blood pressure runs in my family and I’ve had episodes in the past where my blood pressure has dipped dramatically so I got worried for a minute.

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