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to my harajuku gothic fashion lovers..

Posted by ¡¡¡ SMITUNA !!!


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can we all agree on trippy designs + lace designs? like OH MY GAW.

i loove stripes! many stripes!! also, diamond patterned thigh highs are my DREAM and i haven't found any good ones so far <//3 i also love black lace details on like dresses or sleeves, they just look great!! and to ramble on a little more, i think that laces are great too, bright colored ones specially (like how they look on corsets (even though i don't really use corsets) or on certain arm sleeves!)

Obviously gothic fashion isn't really much of "trippy designs" but when it comes to jfashion specifically, i think they're a big part of it and go great with metal accessories (spikes, chains, belts, etc)

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