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Did you know about frutiger aero?

Frutiger Aero (also known as Web 2.0 Gloss) is a broad design style and aesthetic that was prevalent in advertising, media, stock imagery and technology from roughly 2004 to 2013, following the end of the Y2K era and overlapping with the McBlingSurf Crush, and ElectroPop 08 aesthetics. It is characterized by its vast use of Skeuomorphism, glossy textures, cloudy skies, tropical fish, water, bubbles, glass, lens flare, sprawling patterns, "humanism", aero glass, bokeh, Frutiger fonts, Abstract Techauroras and bright, vibrant colors (usually greens and blues).

It brings me nostalgia from my early childhood.It combines the future with the nature,I wish everything was like that and not so dull.

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Reply by xxRebellious_Emmaxx


Frutiger Aero reminds me of Windows 7 (my favorite Windows OS). I love the skeuomorphic aero glass look and hate flat design with a burning passion.

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Reply by skeuoss


I love frutiger aero, it makes me feel so comfy and peaceful 

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