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winter, asleep

Posted by liss


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it is early in the silent morning, winter, and we lay entwined beneath the glimmering window.

you pull me to you in your sleep, taking my hip in your hand and my head to the crook of your neck. 

even unconscious, you are loving.

i press my lips to that space between your jaw and neck, the way i always do.

seconds, minutes, hours pass; still you sleep and i watch your features under the pale light.

a white sun lights the room and creates shadows from our memories. 

watercolours on every wall.

a paper gallery you love so.

what would it take to stay like this forever ?

your heartbeat the only sound i hear for miles, pressed to my own chest, in which the heart beats only for you ?  

you smile and i feel that heart ache a little more, hoping you will never stop.

a laugh, and aching never felt so good. 

a kiss, agony, my heart beats so fast.

drink me in, have it all, if it may satisfy you;

set me alight, if it may keep you warm.

i breathe only to rise and fall against you

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