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Posted by Annie Ann


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Creepypasta stories & Short Stories.

It's been a long time since the glory days of the creepypasta fandom and the scary stories that terrified a generation, but it doesnt have to be like that. 

This forum is dedicated to short horror stories. I hope that once day there will be a proper reply function for people to give feed back, but until then everyone should comment which story title they are referring to. 


1. No rude, nor harassing comments.

2. Do not copy stories and pass them off as your own.

3. Criticism is welcome, bullying and hate is not.

4. Keep the stories scary, but not beyond the realm of humanity.

5. Be nice! 

6. Creepypasta characters (Jeff the Killer, Slenderman etc.) are more than welcome! 

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Reply by Annie Ann


Mrs. Chenny Roman.

Growing up, I was always so curious about true crime and serial killers. My mom thought I was weird, my dad never paid any mind to me. My sister would talk about me to her friends, but I didn't care if they thought I was weird, because I was. I wanted to kill someone and commit the prefect crime. I knew I could do it, but I needed to find the perfect target.

My parents? No, to obvious. My sister? No, they police would probably suspect me. Then it hit me. I needed to kill someone who wouldn't be missed, someone no one would advocate for, someone the cops wouldn't care about. My next door neighbor was the perfect target. That woman was a terror, she didn't have a job, was a hoarder and the only time she ever left her house was to yell when people walked down the sidewalk in front of her house.

Later that night, when my whole family was asleep, I quietly left the house and broke into my neighbors house through the back door that never closed due to the hoard. I made so much noise prying myself through the door, but no one would notice since things falling down and knocking against the metal back door was common. If there was hell, it was this woman's house. Rats, roaches, flies were all over the place.The living room was filled to the ceiling, the kitchen was unusable, the stairs to the second floor were more manageable.

Many of the rooms were also unusable, then I found her in the only room that had enough free space to be remotely inhabitable. She was sleeping on a pile of dirty pillows and ratty blankets. I hadn't brought a weapon with me from my house so it wouldn't get traced to me. I knew she would have something in her house I could use. I took a pillow from the pile, with my heart beating hard and a smile I couldn't make leave my face, I got on top of her.

Up close, she was so disgusting to me. Her skin was wrinkly and discolored, her face greasy, her curly brown hair was like wire, her shirt was dirty and she slept with her mouth open so there was droll running down her chin. Her eyes flew open, and she took less than a second to realize they I was pinning her down with my legs. In her ugly brown eyes I saw the reflection of my smiling face in them, the terror that filled her eyes, before she could scream I slammed the pillow over her face.

She struggled and found, but she couldn't get her hands out from under my knees. The more she tried to fight me, the more she dug her body into the pile of blankets and pillows, sinking her like quicksand. She screamed from under the pillow and my elation at the sound made me laugh. I pressed the pillow down harder, until my wrists hurt and my knuckles were white, then slowly she stopped struggling. Her screams turned to muffled whines, then hollow grunts, then nothing. She was gone. 

She was dead.

I killed her.

I put the pillow in the heap underneath her, I turned her body over so she was facedown. The massive pile of clothes next to her was easy enough to knock down and burry her under. Then I went home, I went home so happy I fell asleep with a smile. I kept on smiling the day after, then the next day and then the next month. The house next door began to reek, my parents couldn't stand it, but I loved it.

One night, I snuck out of my house to go out with friends. As I walked past my first kills' house, the front door swung open. And to my sheer horror, she was there. Standing at her doorway, looking at me angry. "Get away from my house!" She shouted. I could only stare at her, so scared I was shaking all over. Then, she ran out from her house and right at me. I screamed and ran home before she could get to close to me. 

Its been days since then. The house smells like death every night, but shes there in the morning. She still yells at people, I see her shadow in her house, but the smell comes back every night. She looks at me and smiles, she looks at me and smiles. She's driving me insane. When she sees me, I see the rot on her skin, her eyes have since melted away, her face was missing skin, and yet she is still here. She looks normal when others are around, but she rots with me.

She's still here, she isn't going away. The police came, but she spoke to them and they went away. I can't stand her anymore. She is still here, she is here.

-Oct 22, 2023.

(A\N: I am not too happy with this one, but I think it came out mostly ok. Hopefully I will like the next story I write.)

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Reply by Annie Ann


Aberdeen Williams(34) Rescue Journal.

Rescue Journal Entry #1: 7:03 AM

My team of six and I have arrived to Gary Graves Cave in Eastern Kentucky. Waiting for order to enter. It has been 4 days since the group of 3 teens have been seen, possibility of survival low. 

Rescue Journal Entry #2: 9:02 AM

We have entered the cave. Walked about 10 minutes, can no longer see sunlight. Cave is long, random entrances and narrow passageways all over. Main path is big, will continue there until we can't. 

Rescue Journal Entry #3: 10:42 AM:

Taking a break right now. The cave is very large, but also like a maze. Graffiti has stopped since about 500 feet back, it seems like no one has been here before. My teammate thinks the teens were spooked and ran into the cave and got lost. Seems the most plausible. There is the constant sound of dripping water from the rocks. Erna(31), my teammate, swears she heard someone in one of the entryways to other paths. Must be an animal.

It is 56F\13C temp right now. It gets colder the more you go. No signs of the groups of 3 teens. Will continue till 16:00. They have not answered our calls.

Rescue Journal Entry #4: 11:02 AM

A sneaker, sweater and 2 cellphone's have been recovered at 15.2 miles inside main cave tunnel. Other entrances have proven to be dead ends, no other materials located. The first teammate in line, Freddy (33), says they saw a shadow move, most likely a bat. Teens have not been located. They have nat answered our calls.

Rescue Journal Entry #5: 11:52 AM:

Something screamed so loud it hurt my ears. It was in front of us, miles ahead. Cannot tell if it was an animal or human scream. Smell of metal has filled the air, most likely blood ahead. 2 or my teammates, Erna and Freddie, have both said they saw a shadow run from left to right, they are scared. It is most likely a lost animal. We will keep moving forward. 

No signs of the teens. They have not answered our calls.

Rescue Journal Entry 6:   12: 42Pm:


The scream from before came again, from behind us and louder. We heard it running at us so we ran. Erna and Freddie split off in one group. Jace also split off through an unknown path. I, Martin (32), Jason(26) and Lucy(28) are at an unknown location and unknown elevation. The smell of metal is bad now, I think we are near blood. No signs of teens. They have not answered our calls.

Rescue Journal Entry #7: 12:48PM:

We have located remains. Pile of flesh, organs and bones scattered in path. Shreds of brown cloth and a torn sneaker located nearby. Unknown who are the remains. Lucy spotted what looks like scalp with brown hair. Most likely Rudy Mays, he is reported to have brown hair and was last spotted with a brown sweater.

We need to head back. I dont know where the rest of the team are, I dont know where we are. No signs of other teens. They have not answered our calls.

Rescue Journal Entry   8. 1312PM


Came from narrow side pssg screaming so loud, chased us for 12 minutes. Jason tripped and fell. The creature stopped chasing us when it got Jason. Jason is no longer screaming, we ran deeper into the cave. Lucy dropped her flashlight, Martin is bleeding from foot. There is the smell of blood again, bad. No signs of teens. They have not answered our calls.

Rescue Journal Entry #9: 13:22PM:

Found more remains, mst likely other two teens. No bodies, only a few bones, piles of flesh and a few organs. Most likely Ernie Todd and James Flishcher. Found blue phone James owned, Ernie Todd's camera has been located. Have not heard screams or sounds, will turn around and use different path.

Rescue Journal 1   0.. 14 21P M



Rescue Journal #11: 15:23PM:

Lucy and I are hiding, lights off. I am using a glow stick to write. We have not heard it since it last chased us. Jace and Martin are dead, we heard the creature gnaw on their spines. They stopped screaming when we heard the crunch. 

The creature walks on all 4s. Longer arms than legs, it has white skin. With the dark cave, you can only see it when it is in front of you. You can see its glowing red eyes first. Erna and Freddie are most likely dead, the creature followed their paths first. Lucy and I are lost. We will keep moving. We are trying to communicate with outside. They have not answered our calls.

Rescue Journal 12: 16:48PM


Lucy is gone, creature took her boot and took her. Creature chased me, I saw the shredded and bloody coats of Erna and Freddie. I am alone in the cave. I think I am close to outside, I am walking past our markers leading me to the entrance. I am calling to outside. They have not answered my calls. 

Rescue Journal Entry 13 1712PM

It found me. I am hiding in a narrow tunnel, I can hear it getting close. I was so close to outside. I called to outside. They never answered my calls-

 Oct 22, 2023.

(A\N: I think I like this one a little more. If I find any spelling mistakes that are not intentional I will edit it. Can you guess which story inspred this one?)

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