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when i am no longer pretty.

i've taken all the piercings out, 

i refuse to let my eyebrows grow back thick,

the day you see evidence of my smile

in lines near my nose

i'll pump my cheeks full of 

everything, smoothing out the surface.

what if i did my makeup weirdly again?

would people stop seeing me

as a reflection of their desires

and pay me little attention?

what happens

when i am no longer pretty?

will i fade back into being nobody?

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Reply by J.M. Knight


Reply by mystical illusions


nice write ... no ...just be smart to ... u will never fade...

 just slap those cheeks to keep them rosy,,, for your blush ...

then add some lip gloss...

look in the morrow... say this is as good as it get...

and lets go shut this town down all night long ... laughs ...

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