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does anyone still play pokemon go?

Posted by bunny!


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i recently downloaded the game again after not playing since 2017, and im pretty much addicted to it now. it’s so much fun i have no idea why i stopped playing it in the first place?!i had to make a new account since idr my old one, but i’ve been playing for about a week now & im on lvl 24. 

my biggest CP pokemon is 2184CP Slaking!! my fav pokemon that i have tho are my Espeon, Exeggutor, Arcanine, Ninetales and Zygarde!! Vaporeon and Umbreon are up there also!!

what r u guys’ favourite pokemon that u have & what lvl are u on? do any of u guys even still play it? or did u never stop playing it? :3c i love the game, it gets me out of the house and keeps me active while i can also catch pokemon!! yes it can be a bit dangerous at times if i forget to check my surroundings but nothing too serious has happened yet. what r ur thoughts on it? also remember to stay safe while playing it, i’ve had a few close calls!!!

my code is 928815781523 if anyone wants to add me, or just comment ur code so ppl can add u! i only have my boyfriend as my friend and he never plays so i’d love to make some new friends!!

thanks for reading and possibly responding!!! <33

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Reply by JessiJay


Sent you a friend request! ✨

Pokémon Go is something I’ve been flowing in and out of over the past couple of years. I’m back into it now. ^^

Currently level 38, Team Valor, and my strongest Pokémon is a 3784CP Dragonite. Currently have a little Fuecoco as my buddy. 

I love the game- it’s a great way to motivate yourself to go walking, especially with the new routes. Sometimes I find myself not logging on when I’m traveling though, because I prefer to be a bit more present with new sights. For me it’s ideal for something simple like a dog walk or neighborhood stroll. 

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