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To infect the era of 2010, a troubled mindset would re-invent. A once care free and happy teen, succumbing to pervasive screams. "Desires to kill" began his cries. The death of his mother gave birth to lies. This mental illness had taken hold, the rest explains -as all unfolds. Living life a troubled child, a schoolboys spirit which felt defiled. With a mental state that would fail of late, as to give rise to this potent hate. An outsider rises throughout this pain, no less from you -as less than sane. Insomnia would later prove, as to give rise to this attitude. As hours pass but still awake, his thoughts are of who's lives to take. Of whom to kill and who to maim, my question falls to 'is he sane' ?! The night passes by and as I type, a demon is within my sights. Into this mirror he looks back at me, my alter ego "Warren Peace". The blood-tears and black fedora hat, his unnerving stare remains in fact. And as the very blood flow drips ?! "Do as I say" (play on his lips). "But Warren please" (my cries persist). "Now hear my voice you little shit ...just run this blade upon your arm, but do not worry it will not harm. It will release your troubled thought" (this damaged mind becomes distraught). "But Warren ..."just do as I say, or next time if you don't obey, I'll cut you myself and you will die. This wound will blend and render you dry" ..."okay Warren, I understand". "Then do this now and as we planned. Into your leg or to your wrist, the choice is yours NOW TAKE THE RISK ...

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