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2007 JoJo phantom blood

I have always been intrigued by this one, knowing there is only few videos and several minutes of it's existence. I wonder if the project got scrapped or simply lost, there wasn't enough info on the places I read...but it would be cool if someday the movie (or at least a big portion of it) gets found in the future.

from what I saw from the existent clips, the overall style and animation is very similar to the 1993 stardust crusaders OVA.

here is a video of existing footage of it:


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Reply by Milk's room


Oh this is interesting. After looking into it for a bit it seems like the film got a limited theater release in Japan. Someone somewhere must have the film for it right? 

Animator Junichi Hayama seems to be quite upset about the circumstances surrounded the films release as well, which really makes me curious about what actually happened.

Maybe they weren't happy with the quality of the film, or maybe there were legal issues surrounding licensing considering that Bandai was involved? 

regardless, someone at some company must have the film somewhere in their records, I just hope that we'll be able to see it for ourselves someday. It does look amazingly beautiful.

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