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poemtober prompt list

i wanted to make my own prompt list for a month of poems that reflected things i wanted to write about and my experiences with queerness and disability! so here it is!

october 1 - stars, moon, sun
october 3rd - freak of nature
october 5th - bone deep pain
october 7th - this will pass
october 9th - of course we hurt each other
october 11th - the wound
october 13th - hope for the future
october 15th - human heart
october 17th - cannibalism as ____
october 19th - death recognizes death
october 21st - passage of time
october 23rd - please be safe
october 25th - righteous fury
october 27th - the hedgehog's dilemma
october 29th - clasped hands
october 31st - i will heal from this

hope someone else can use this as well!!!! feel free to put your poems in this thread :3

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Reply by tee


oooh this seems fun!! as a fellow queer disabled person i might do some of these 

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Reply by J.M. Knight


Oh, these are great! I will absolutely be using


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