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crime of murder..in school brazil in 2023

Posted by Edd_off


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The 25-year-old man was armed with a hatchet and killed at least four children this Wednesday morning. The information was confirmed by the Military Police of Santa Catarina. The Cantinho Bom Pastor private daycare center offers nursery and pre-school services, serving children up to 6 years old

Regarding the attack that occurred today on a daycare center in Blumenau (SC), in which four children were killed and another five injured, Grupo Globo released a statement on the guidelines that guide the coverage of cases of attacks and massacres in its press vehicles :

"For years, Grupo Globo outlets had a policy of publishing only once the name and photo of perpetrators of massacres such as the one that occurred in Blumenau. The objective has always been to avoid giving fame to the killers so as not to inspire perpetrators of new massacres. This policy changes today and will be even more restrictive: the name and image of perpetrators of attacks will never be published, as well as videos of the actions.

The decision follows the most recent recommendations from the most prestigious experts on the subject, for whom giving visibility to attackers can serve as a stimulus for new attacks. Studies show that authors seek exactly this "notoriety", no matter how small it may be. And we did not report subsequent frustrated attacks, also to contain the so-called "contagion effect"

and it was that year


Well, if you don't believe me, research ´´the man with the ax who kills 4 children in Brazil´´

and it was here in my state of my country here in Brazil..

With that, there was an event of not going to school because schools and parents and everyone were afraid of this happening again

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