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How are we feeling about Gachalife 2? [closed]

Lunime is coming out with a brand-new game soon! 

Gachalife 2 has been confirmed!! Wonderend is still in the works, but with a new game, there's sure to be a surge of new creators and trends!

New OC styles, aesthetics, series, and gachatubers will rise and fall, hopefully reviving the community's creativity!

What are you hoping to see in Lunime's new game, and why? Do you think there will be any correlation to Wonderend, like foreshadowing? What are your theories? Express your opinions in the comments, but remember to stay respectful! Stay safe NEWGENers!

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Reply by ''KYRIAK,,


Im really exited about gacha life 2 ^^ i hope it'll revive the community it was such a fun time back in 2020-22 :D

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