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introduce yourself!!!

Posted by bee


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welcome lovely people, if you would like to introduce yourself you can in this forum!

i'll start...

i'm bee, i'm 21 years old and live in Illinois, USA. 

i discovered electronic music through Aphex Twin, and over the years have just listened to more and more. eventually i stumbled upon WLFGRL by Machine Girl and became enamored with it and it lead to the discovery of tons of similar music.

around 2022 i started producing electronic music for fun and have kept doing it since, though i still honestly have no real clue what i'm doing with most of music production (especially mixing and mastering...) lol.

a lot of my stuff is inspired by genres like drum and bass, jungle, breakbeat hardcore, breakcore, trance, etc. but i also take a lot of inspiration from many many other places and genres in music.

i am attempting to start a internet music label, so far the whole bandcamp page is literally just me under different names which is kinda embarrassing but it's fun to come up with new aliases for different styles and genres.

if you want to check out all of my music it's on said bandcamp page, here's the link


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Reply by electroniccheezardmusic


omg that sounds so cool! i just found this group, i´ve never joined a group here in spacehey but i saw the wlfgrl cover and i immediately decided to join. I dont think i know a lot about music, what i do know is that machine girl is fire

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Reply by running.around


hiii, i’m 22, i’m from Quebec, Canada and i’ve been listening to electro, jungle, drum’n’bass and house for like 2 years now. i’m new on spacehey so yeah:))

excited to hear about y’alls recommendation and excited to share some of mine!! also i’d like to learn more about the producing side and try some.

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Reply by Breo S


Hello, I'm San, and I'm 17, and I also have a long history with Aphex Twin, I discovered it just about 2-3 years ago and I could say that it has already changed my life, since I became interested in all aspects of electronics and attending many events of this style. I enjoy everything from the most common House to the most hardcore and Underground electronic genre, without forgetting the avant-garde electronica of Richard, Squarepusher, Venetian Snares, Autchre, among others. I went to see N RIchard at MEO 2023 and I loved it, my dream Now it's learning how to play music of this style, and if possible, one day produce it myself!

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