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Posted by Taylor Havana S


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Hey Everyone!
I would love if you all could check out my podcast 'Everybody's Hype'!

I started the show back in April and fell in love with doing it!
I moved from the north east to Florida this past July. After my move, I lost some of that boost and drive to continue making episode for my show. Alot can go on mentally when moving to a new place by yourself yall lol

But I'm back! New episodes will be created this month! I am ready and excited.

If you have any episode ideas (topics, games I could play with a guest, etc), I would LOVE to hear them! I could really use the help honestly lol. Also, if you'd want to be a guest... hit me up!

EPISODES: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdwzXIct8ijbycwSbylRSUAEo2SvwGGy_

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Reply by Taylor Havana S


Here are all of the ways you can listen/watch 'Everybody's Hype': linktr.ee/taylorhavanas

You can listen on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcast, and Youtube)

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