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Writing "queer"

Posted by saffo


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How do you incorporate your queerness into your writing?

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Reply by ezra


as a playwright, i try to keep the roles open for more diverse gender representation. in the list of the cast of characters i like to leave a note that says that the director can feel free to cast outside of the binary. for instance, if the character is written masc with he/him pronouns, they're free to change that to whatever fits best for their casting choice. of course there are always going to be roles that are more "binary", but i like to do that! it makes things more interesting that way. 

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Reply by ☆benniestar☆


for me, writing queer characters is escapism. if I feel that there is a certain identity underrepresented in media or even someone with that identity that I wish had been there for me earlier in my queer journey, I will create a world in which that person exists and thrives. if I can project myself onto that character it’s an exercise in getting to know myself better and feel more confident in who I am in the real world!

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