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Just asking for advice ;-;

SO, i had this friend that is autistic, he is really a good person and i wish him nothing but good things to happen to him (Lets call him AD), but i couldn't be his friend anymore but i feel like a really bad person for that.

For context, I have OCD and one of the things that i really really can't tolerate is being touched, it makes me feel really bad, it causes me to have panic attacks >~< (or anxiety attacks, i really can't tell at the moment XP). AND AD was somebody that REALLY liked touching others to show affection, so yeah, that was like mixing oil and water.

One day i told him that the touching made me uncomfortable, but then AD was annoyed that with him i wouldn't let him touch me, but with other friends i did let them touch me. I explained to him that those friends were more close to me and stuff, and i thought that he understood it, but i was wrong... AD kept touching me, even if i moved away from him or tell him to stop, he just laughed at my reactions.

This went to the point that i had nightmares and my best friend had to told me how they saw this situation was making me feel really bad, and started "protecting me" from AD cussing him away.

So recently i told AD that we weren't friends anymore because i just couln't handle that situation, every time i saw AD i was terrified. And after that, AD said that it was ok, but he seemed so sad and in school he was alone because i was his only friend there, and i felt so freaking bad for ending the friendship just because of my low tolerance, and more sad stuff.

I just want some advice like, i did good? or i did bad? idk... or well a diferent point of view of this situation ;v;

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It is a bad idea to seek advice from someone whom you do not know on the Internet. If I were you, I should rather seek advice from someone whom I knew well in person.

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