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Little introduction

Hello!  Hola!  Hallo!  Olá!  Bonjour!  こんにちは!  

I’m currently learning Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, and Japanese all through observation X3 given I really often pick up small details and stuff from people I talk to or shows I watch with Japanese(Watched Pokémon in Japanese a few times) here’s about how much I know of each and my relation to the language X3

Spanish: Spanish class in school then my partner knows it from qsmp so I’m rapidly picking up on it again!!

Portuguese: Once again my partner but I actually also just find the language interesting and charming so I pay a lot of attention to it :3

Dutch: I understand the basics and used duolingo around a year ago X3 because of a old online friend I think it’s the language I know the most even :3

German: My partner needs to stop letting me gain languages from them /j anyways i don’t know much German but i would love to learn more :3

French: I’m actually just learning this one because I think it’s interesting :3

Japanese: I picked up a bit of it from pokemon when I was like 11 now I’m planning to watch Pokémon in it again but I observe more now so I’m expecting to probably start understanding it a bit X3

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