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"If My Walls Could Talk" ...

Posted by PurpleShamen


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If my walls could talk" ...

Decorated within the curious theme of inquiring mystery, my wall furnished and, represented in print, haunts the glance from this rather bewitching figure -suggestive of sultry and yet, sensual intrigue -and as pleasing as she is 'pale'. Who proudly display the innocent smile to seduction, but to also feature an almost overlooked sullen expression concealed behind her revealing facade. To detect the discomforted note of disquiet, coupled with an unpleasant exchange of accusations that now seem to almost bleed through-out the walled up patterns to her timeless charm. Her remarks of ridicule begin to overcast the already "shadowed beauty" before me. Seeming to almost speak without a single word stated, as she states within complete silence. A silence to which if I could hear, and in choosing to hear little more than that "silence" short -lived at least. When shattering through that silent spell, with such repulsive force and clear disgust -the murderous shriek of the revealed siren who leads her voice into a series of psychotic screams to deeply trouble and traumatise -are perhaps best contained within print, but that still decorate my walls to this day. Where she'll no doubt remain with me for all time, as the close friend that I can never live without :) ...*Friends can at times be a familiar foe indeed, who can argue passionately and to fall out with each other but whom remain closest through it all. Because no matter the circumstance, we all need someone in our lives. Real, or so believed to be.* ...The End ...

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