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Posted by River


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put ur intro here! name, pronouns and anything else you'd like to add:) 

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Reply by River


hi! im river, the owner of this group. my pronouns are he/they/it and any neos. i was diagnosed with adhd in 3rd grade, the pfp pic for this group is my kitten(her name is Box and she's a lil ball of chaos, she's also a lil bit mean to our cat Skittle) i am obsessed with Minecraft (love u silly block men! <3) i have an ao3 if u wanna read some silly block man fanfics. im 17 and aroace btw(i wanna b in a qpr with someone so bad) 

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Reply by Garfeild


Hey im Garfield and ADHD runs in my family. I use any/all pronouns and use the label genderfluid. Im aroace and have a lovely platonic partner. Im also a full-time collage student and studying ppsychology.

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