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Any other fans of the classics?

My personal favorite is Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, I find Raskolnikov a super compelling protagonist and love the writing style of the book. Ever since I started reading classics I've found it hard to go back to reading recently released books. Like a quarter of my shelf is very modern stuff that I try to read and then give up within the first chapter because I get bored- I keep the book anyways because I assume I'll read it fully one day- but I don't want to pass judgement on it yet. 

But that's a little off topic, tell what your favorite classics are or discuss the ones you are currently reading in the replies! ^_^

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Reply by sparrow


I know he's not so famous but I'm absolutely devouring Balzac's short stories right now. Wit absolutely oozes from his work, but he still manages to be matter-of-fact.

I'm also just a big fan of the Canterbury Tales. It's a lot funnier than people give it credit for lol

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Reply by alexiel


I haven't read crime and punishment yet but it's on my to read eventually list! It's quite long, so it'll have to be after I've read my Kafka collection that recently arrived, but from the excerpts my friend has shown me, it looks like it'll be easier to get through than don quixote at least, so I'm sure I'll manage. 

I've only recently gotten back into properly reading (I used to read a lot as a child but eventually lost the love of it) and so far I've found that classics are either entirely unreadable or the most amazing life changing books I've ever read lol. I like Hermann Hesse's works, and Kafka's Metamorphosis got me interested enough to get a giant collection of his stuff. I'm planning on reading some short stories by Nabokov soon, too, to see how I like his writing style.

Don Quixote is more interesting to talk about than it is to read, but I think one thing about it really encapsulates what I like about classics; being able to see as writing and storytelling methods and tropes come into popularity, and how people write stories before the modern standard tropes were a thing, plus seeing glimpses into the past is always just so interesting!

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