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The “cult”/ The neighborhood (idk what to call it)


I didn’t know what to call it so I’m just gonna call it “the cult” or “the neighborhood” since fans of the genre has been calling it that. Just know I mean know harm and is just to inform about this genre. Yes I consider this it’s own unique genre :>>


Originally started from.. well I can’t really say his name. Let’s call him K, a person who has made very popular songs like “A sardine grows on a soil.” He has recently quit or took a looong break, and asked for his name not to be said. This made k’s fans upset since he also said said questionable tweets. So k fans has been making songs inspired by him, which are suppose to be underground songs or at least inspired by him

What is the “cult” or neighborhood

The songs genre consists of Utau and IDM music being mixed together 

X0o0x_ :

The most popular the cult producer and actually started it. Her songs are amazing! 


His song about definitely top teir and makes has a bit of a happy but mysterious type of music


His songs are quite popular, especially there’s no sunrise of sunset! It gives 

Why is this important to Utau: 

This genre of music been apart for more than 10+ years on YouTube! Many utau artists are inspired by this genre and the “cult” genre definitely had an influence on the old utau fandom for sure! 

If you have never heard of it I recommend listening to it!

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