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about pastel goth..

Posted by ¡¡¡ SMITUNA !!!


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Let's start calling it harajuku goth. When you search up "harajuku goth"normally the style that the japanese follow as "goth" is VERY similar, if not almost the same to 2020-alt/pastel goth/pink goth/kawaii goth, (i also kinda follow more japanese-inspired outfits rather than just an edgy style, and it's obvious that it's greatly insipired by kawaiicore (which is japanese inspired) but just made dark).

Calling it harajuku goth will no longer be offensive to actual goths since harajuku goth just means tokyo-style goth, not pastel goth which comes off as "trad goth but pastel" even if it isn't (which is why goths and other alt people feel offended by this style which is also a valid point).

It does have gothic elements, but only elements. Which is another reason to why i think harajuku goth fits it better, because it's not goth but more like influenced by it, yk? I personall follow this style, it looks SO much like silly lil anime characters and idk how 90% of the kids with this style don't listen to japanese music XD but yeah, a suggestion i've had in mind :) 

(i never really saw this style as something western, it always looked like tokyo fashion for some reason to me)

If you're curious, im a pastel-style harajuku goth and kuro/pastel decora :D

EDIT; I identify as only Harajuku Goth now, and I came to understand the differences along the way of discovering my style, ty for informing though <3 I completely agree, my style has evolved to be more gothic (I love lace accessories, ‘creepy’ symbols, tradgoth-like makeup, longer skirts, fishnet accessories, uneven ripped/pointy cut accessories/clothing, laces like for ribbons or on gloves/boots/leg warmers, lots of black, spikes, chains, etc) but also keeping that harajuku pop style (lots of funky patterns like clothes or accessories that involve stripes/diamond/square shapes, kandi bracelets/other, neon/vibrant accessories, big jewelry, etc)

So yeah!

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Reply by ‎‎suu ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡


That sounds cool!! But when I googled it the black part was dominating I barely saw any pastel colour :c I would recommend the name 'death pink' it sounds super edgy, but death is supposed to be the black part and well pink is just pink and I'm aware that pastel goth doesn't always have to be just black and pink, but I feel like a lot of pinterest inspo like the whole origin was the black x pink colour palette bc of how contradictionary they look!

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Reply by x_RealtinRavage_x


you've got a good idea but harajuku goth and pastel goth are inherently different

these are the images I got looking up harakuo goth:

while these are the images I got searching up pastel goth:

these are two entirely different subgenres from different places, from what I've heard pastel goth is very Tumblr aesthetic that all of the scene queens transitioned into during the late 2010s (tho I could be wrong sorry if I am) pastel goth is very, USA to say the least while harajuku goth is japanese

also you mentioned pink goth when what I got looking it up was a buncha different goth subcultures with pink hair like this:

I think the only style you mentioned that could be described as pastel goth or harajuko goth is kawaii goth, but its kinda a blend of the two:

also kawaii goth is kind of more of an art style from Ive looked up:

art by Eunpyon

art by par0llel

I mean no hate making this comment, I just wanted to show you that all of these subgenres of alternative style are different and should not be categorized or mixed up/mis-named as the other <<3

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Reply by RoxxyRogue


Gotta agree with x_RealtinRavage_x Here, You've got a solid point but of all the terms used, I think Kawaii Goth makes the most sense with where the style is at currently

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