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end of the world... you got the aux

what songs are you listening to when the world ends (assuming you have time ofc ^-^)

my picks:

- neutral milk hotel - holland 1945

- weezer - only in dreams

- beartooth - afterall

- my chemical romance - famous last words

- the pillows - thank you my twilight

- mitski - i dont smoke

- aphex twin - alberto basalm

- pierce the veil - bulls in the bronx

- bring me the horizon - i dont know what to say

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Reply by frankie ♱


As the world caves in, only reasonable answer/j

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Reply by Nile ._.


pumped up kicks, 100%

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Reply by em0


Fireflies -- Gorillaz

Any FNAF song (for nostalgia)

Cancer -- MCR

Me and my friends playlist because i would be sad without them

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