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Hello, I'm looking to get a cash car under 6k I was wondering if it's worth it as my first car. Any brands to look for or avoid. Will be using it for work and college. At least until I save to get a better used car. Any advice and tips is appreciated 👋🏽

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Reply by Xyvraaq


There are plenty of cars you can find for less than 6K

of course you will not find new or luxurious or performance cars, How good cars at that price come to mind, Alfa Romeo Mito, Volkswagen Golf or Polo, Ford Fiesta (or at least in Italy these are good cars less than 6k, if you live outside Europe then it's another world) anyway try to take cars that have less than 100,000km because if they have more than those kilometers maintenances may be required and some are very expensive, When you go to buy a car bring an experienced friend with you, he will be able to tell you if it is worth it or not (DON'T DECIDE TO BUY A CAR JUST BY LOOKING AT IT FROM ONLINE SITES)

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Reply by Maximoto


Safest bets for cash cars are, in my opinion, Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. Sometimes you can find a Chevy Impala in that price range depending on the year, if you find one no newer than 2010 that isn't beat to hell you might be OK if it doesn't have way too many miles on it. 

Whatever you do find, remember to Kelley Blue Book it.

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