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Wildest concert you have ever been to

What's the wildest concert youve ever been to?

For me, it was Korn (last pre pandemic show. It was a month before everything hit the fan). Jesus fucking christ the mosh pit was a madhouse!

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Reply by Magpie the Worst


2017 I saw Metallica with Avenged Sevenfold and Volbeat at MetLife Stadium. 

Seats were pretty high, but it was wild for me because it was my first concert

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Reply by Gaba falera


Muse en lima 2019 , he ido a conciertos de metal que de por sí son muy heavies , pero nunca  me habían aplastado ni pisado tanto en un concierto pero valió la pena salir muerta de allí

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Reply by Macky


"In August of 2019 I got to see King Gizz at the electric factory in Philly with my friend Nolan. The venue was completely packed!"

I'm planning on seeing King Gizz in 2022 in DC. so am hype for that

My wildest experience was seeing Death Grips in Baltimore. I moshed so hard that I eventually ran out of energy and fell down. I felt people accidentally kicking me and almost got trampled until someone helped me up and I didn't mosh for the entire show, but it sure was fun. I accepted Death in that moment and wouldn't mind if I died then and there, it would've been worth it imo.

video of the concert

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Reply by ♠ 𝕷𝖔𝖌𝖆𝖓 ♠


the maccabeats bro ik I was lowkey 7 but they were fire 

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