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Okay so i was thinking of getting my first emo/scene hair cut but idk if i should do it myself or get it done by pros, any help pls?

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Reply by duncannnn


def go for pros, but make sure ur going into a salon/barber that knows how to do it. look at the staff and also just go up their and ask if they could help you with ur hair and give them some reference photos for help.

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Reply by xxjaydedollyyxx


I'd go to a pro. Give them reference photos as well. It's a good start to get that scene look and if you're going to keep up with it and do it yourself, make sure you have the right tools. Section, shears, an actual hair razor, combs and clips. And make sure the hair is damp and then when it's dry you can go through it and fix anything that needs fixing. I went to hair school and I've also been doing scene hair for 10 years. Hope that helps ^.^

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