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The Human Race

Posted by Tyler


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Human consciousness is a mistake in evolution. We became too smart, too self aware. What we were never supposed to be. We built civilisation. Our species is more of a cancerous tumor than a normal animal. We spread all across a living organism (the planet) and we infect everything we touch and destroy every fucking ecosystem ever. We also have destroyed the natural selection in humanity so stupid retarded fucks can live amongst us. We live in a society that makes us live boring and depressing lives then feeds us drugs to make us feel better. We have forgotten to live among nature and live how we are supposed to live as normal animals. But our consciousness makes sure this doesn’t happen and instead gives us a god complex. We are a pathetic and useless part of the world and we should be wiped the fuck out so that animals can live on this planet like how all living organisms are supposed to live: according to nature.

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