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Intro to the Group

Hey everyone!  I started this group as, being somewhat of a Neo Geo freak, I noticed there wasn't a dedicated group to the platform or SNK on the site.  Hopefully some other people share the interest.  I welcome anyone in this group, whether you own a Neo Geo, want to own a Neo Geo, emulate on hardware of your choice, buy ACA Neo Geo games on modern devices, own a Neo Geo Mini, only play SNK's newer releases, or have no idea what any of that means.

This is very much a work in progress, but if the group can attract members, I'd like to add some scoreboards, maybe do some weekly score or time challenges, start a thread for people to post their collection pics in, and some other stuff.  And, of course, anything else the group wants to post - it's for all of us, not just me.

I'm not compelled to write a long piece about who SNK is, nor what the Neo Geo like of home, arcade, and handheld hardware was - it's 2023, and the internet is hardly a new idea.  If you have a specific question, though, put it in a comment below or start a new thread and I may have an answer lol

With that, welcome to the group.

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