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Fnaf movie theory

Okay I’m not too caught up on the lore at the moment but the movie lore is gonna be different so I’m just throwing it out there. Is Abby going to be Chica’s spirt? Like,, hear me out,,,, Chica is depicted A LOT more then any other animatronic in the trailer and it’s unusual for FNAF to release a new character especially as a main and especially especially after the new characters released in security breach. Either that or maybe she’s gonna be the main in ruin? She’s definitely not Emily because there is no hints to that at all.

I think maybe what’s going on (especially because there is the golden Bonny wall which the dead spirts look at to remember their murder) is that somehow Abby will be one of the animatronics spirts and maybe she as a character is a a ghost or she’s being possessed or maybe she’s a robot or maybe the events are her dream; I can’t think of a way for it to happen without it being convoluted but if I know anything about FNAF I know it’s convoluted.

Thoughts on this take? Agree/disagree? I haven’t been on any other socials or anything too much about it so this might not be a original take or something disproved by something else lol

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