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Reply by Ghost E. Blake/ Eleanor A. Foxstars


Name: Starry Melanson

Age: 34
Birthday: Feburary 4, 1989
Nation: Canada 
Ethnic origin: eurasian 
Languages: English, some Japanese, learning Dzongkha 
Starsigns: moon Capricorn, sun aquarius and rising libra, North node Pisces

Bad habits: we’ll do I have to say it, I freakin swear like a sailor on leave.
Interests:    D&D, Writing, art, tattoo design, tattoos, piercings, modeling, astronomy, photography, music, steel tounge drum, ufo, poetry, Netflix, my bed, Halloween, astrology, psychology, psychiatry, white occult, current events, reading, hanging out with friends, fashion, picking, amazon, genealogy, languages, penpaling, flowers, human rights, make up, shower, cleaning, comics, romance novels, wattpad, meditation, eatting food, my books, collecting tall boys, sfw modeling, alt modeling, halloween makeup, hair dressing, martial arts, samurai swordmanship

Books:  Falling by TJ Newman, drowning by Tj Newman, the long hard road out of hell by Marilyn Manson, Ebola survival hand book, the stand by Stephen king, silverwing trilogy, black light express, 30 thinks I love about myself, love. Hypothesis by Ali hazelwood, worlds most dangerous place, comeback alive, liscence to kill, 3 cups of tea, astronomy book, rare magazines, soul maté equation, the sl*t’s guide to chess, fins a penny pick her up, malice, goosebumps, letter to the country, creepy over, Clive cussler.

Tv:    Swat, cobra Kai, sweet tooth, king of the hill, as say by ginger, rugrats, cosmos, x -files, fbi files, new detectives, dead like me, six feet under, game of thrones, xena, Hercules, Buffy, goosebumps, are you afraid of the dark, greys anatomy, the investigators, rookie blue, terrorism close calls, space documentaries, simpsons, family guy, bobs burgers, squid games, ghost adventures, way of the house husband, Star Trek, American horror stories, the Americans, justified

Movies: Kill bill, pulp fiction, karate kid, black swan, lost girls and love Hotels, Halloween town, Halloween town 2, genius, snakes on a plane, my sisters keeper, kite runner, Batman, screams, gremlins, the never-ending story, unthinkable, Fahrenheit: 911, hot zone, the kingdom, saw, hostel, exorcist, the conjuring, Halloween, nightmare on elm street, Friday 13th, reanimator, big daddy, jack chan movies, hero, cosmos, x-files, crash, shriek, studio ghibili, emperor and the assassin, the last samurai, zatoichi,

Music:     Insane clown posse, twiztid, limpbizkit, korn, Barbara Streisand, classical, Slipknot, Jeniferever, pearl jam, a teens, spice girls, transplants, marylin Manson, violent j, shaggy 2 dope, back street boys, Barbara tucker, Donna summer, sold cell, dead or alive, big country, Polaris, Propellerheads, Natasha atlas, aqua, abk, murder dolls, surgikal incision, razekel, kid crusher, Celtic, Lorena mckennet, Steve Earle, ja rule, s club seven, maya, missy Elliot, Eve, da brat, cold play, Eminem,

Fashion: I keep my clothes on if you want to know, it’s classes
Family: none
Pets: puffs
Plants: aloe 

Social media: Facebook, wattpad,neo book, instagram, twitter, Tumblr
Games: not much of a gamer anymore 
Collecting: magic the gathering cards

Your story:   I am the admin of this group, I am an artist, musician, goodreads author, Buddhist, throat singer , martial artist.   I am tattooed and semi pierced.  Feel free to add me, but no flirting or dating me, thank you Arigoto!


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