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Petition to change the css system in spacehey

Posted by homotoast


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Spacehey has been around for a while now, all being run by i think one person? maybe 2 (they should get more mods since its gotten so big) and the css system hasnt changed one bit since i joined 2 years ago

spacehey's css system is vastly different from other myspace recreations because it makes you put the css WITHIN the html of the page, instead of putting it in a linking stylesheet which would make it possible to live edit pages through the inspect element's "sources" tab AND make the html much less messy, the only thing that would need to change is for the creator to add a seperate input box in the edit page thing exclusively for css which would link to a stylesheet for your page, an example of this isĀ myspace46, a recreation of a myspace recreation called myspace93, it has a seperate box for css which makes live editing as simple as opening the inspect element and going to the sources tab

i know that this was only made by one person, but so was myspace93, and myspace46, which both had live editing within inspect element (although myspace93's css was still a bit difficult), meaning it is possible, i dont know much because i havent actually created any websites, but i do know it'd be great if users could live edit their css without having to use an external site (which is what i do)

idk if this is real important, but it's important to me, and if the creator isnt gonna do much about harrassment on this site, the least they could do is add some helpful features

(this was originally put on my blog but i felt it should be in forums too, hopefully this doesnt count as like spam or anything)

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Reply by EngiQu33ring


Try uploading your css to NeoCities and use an import statement:

@import url('https://engiqueering.com/spacehey/layout.css');

All of my CSS is on NeoCities, spread out across several files to keep some of it separate, that are all imported.

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Reply by homotoast


oh thats fancy, i searched "spacehey live editor" and theres a github thingy that basically shows your editing live, i just think it should be a little simpler

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