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Has anyone experienced difficulties in school due to Autism?

Posted by LadyXalea


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During my time at school starting from 4th grade, I started having issues socially in developing friendships and other things despite being a straight A student. The problems got worse in Middle school where I was being bullied and reporting to the school staff was useless since they wouldn't handle said issues. So I would like to ask has anyone experienced any issues or were bullied in school as a result of autism/neurodivergence? 

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Reply by Sunny Daze


i've also been in that kind of situation where I've been bullied but the staff does nothing and if they do anything they would just take both me and the other person into the principal's office and they still do nothing about it. so I can't recommend anything else to do about it 

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Reply by Nito101


Ive always had issues with being called the "Quiet girl" in school. But iw asn't really a quiet girl, iw as just quiet because I didn't know how to start or make conversations irl. it didn't help with the fact that people would bully me but I wouldn't figure it out until now. 

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