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how to fashion?

i've been wanting to get into fashion lately, as i like sewing and have always liked pretty clothes, but i really don't know much about anything lol.

like, how do people learn about brands? about what's fashionable right now and what are the current trends? right now i only have my own sense of style to guide me, and tbh i suck at coordinating clothes lol

any kind of talk for fashion newbies would be welcome!

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Reply by caweyka


My one bit of advice is to not look at tiktok since they’re steeped in microtrends. My favourite sewing channels are Rachel Maksy, Stitchess & Bernadette Banner (Stitchess also does alternative fashion). Your best bet is to look at what magazines are saying, what’s on the front of Fucking Young!, NME for example, or Vogue - but these are only glimpses into fashion itself. I personally don’t purchase clothes almost at all, rather I occasionally use thrifting apps like Vinted (though I picked up 4 sick ass pieces in a giveaway once). I repair or alter my own stuff and if you’re into punk, that’s very simple & there are tons of DIY methods out there. 

For learning to coordinate style, I got Frugal Aesthetics, Kati Yoo & Fashion Elitist - they’re my go-tos for fashion tips & styling advice. They talk about building a wardrobe, timeless pieces & how to accommodate your shape. FA & FE are geared towards mens fashion tho. Searching for brands isn’t a huge issue, as the fashion houses & brands one needs to care about are the ones most featured in the articles - my personal fave collection this decade has been Schiaparelli’s Fall 2022. DSQUARED has also done some brilliant stuff on the runway.

Some YouTubers like Mina  Le or Modern Gurlz cover video essays on rising fashion trends or dissecting fashion history, which is a whole genre in and of itself. 

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Reply by zara


tahilo thank you so much, this is all great advice!!! I'll be sure to look into everything you mentioned! (also thanks for the alt fashion mention too, there's like 0 alternative fashion stores where i live so i was already planning on making my own stuff haha) 

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Reply by weirdhouseplant


I'm trying to make a solution to this problem by collecting cool brands into one document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ky2ruJ7ZL26ZICaHWapAkepmYSvtKNEvvX-5QI0tgSY/edit?usp=sharing

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