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Scene/Emo name particlesssss :3

A: Ashes, Afterlife, Angel, Abomination, Alone, Abandoned

B: Bat, Bites, Beast, Black, Blood, Broken, Brutal, Bones, Brains, Boodusucker, Brightside

C: Creeps, Chills/Chilling, Cobwebs, Coffin, Corpse, Cursed, Casket, Corruption, Charred, Cannibal

D: Doomed, Darkness, Death, Deadly, Demon/Devil, Dusk, Dread, Diamonds, Damaged

E: Exorcism, Evil, Eyeliner, EndItAll

F: Fright(ening), Fangs, Freak, Funeral, Fallen

G: Ghoul, Ghost, Ghastly, Gore, Gnarly, Growl, Grave, Gruesome, Grim, Guts

H: Haunted, Howl, Hell, Hexed, Horror, Horrifying, Hysteria, Headless, Hopeless

I: Insanity, inferno

J: Jinx

K: (Many of the words from C can b adjusted w a K instead) Killer/Kills, Kerosene, 

L: Lonely, Ligature, Loveless, Lightning, Lollipop, Loser

M: Magick, Macabre, Murder, Mysterious, Monster, Madness, Manic/Mania, Midnight, Moonlight

N: Nightmare, Nightshade, Noose, Nightfall, Nefarious, Ninja

O: Occult, Otherworldly, Ominous 

P: Psycho, Pentagram/Pentacle, Petrifying, Phantom, Poltergeist, Possessed, Poisoned, Panic

Q: Quiver, idk look at C???? xD

R: Rainbows, Raven, RIP, Reaper, Redrum

S: Sacrifice, Suicide, Schizophrenia, Sythe, Shadows, Screams, Skulls, Skeleton, Spiders, Soulless, 

T: Terrifying, Terror, Tarantula, Tombstone, Twilight, 

U: Undead

V: Vampire, Venom, Vixen

W: Weirdo, Wanderer, Wolf

X: I got nuffin soz ;-;

Y: Yelps

Z: Zombie, Zap

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this is so helpful tysm <3

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