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Emo Fashion

Wee need to Bring back Emo Fashion. the PROPER emo fashion. 

we need the side-swooped bangs/fringe with the messy hair. we need the black skinny jeans or low-waisted jeans if we go early y2k. we need the studded belts and accessories too. we need the black contrasting with bright colours such as Red, Black and White etc. to complete the looks

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Reply by Riv


yes i agree but mayb w a little twist. like instead of skinny jeans baggy jeans can b the move too like real baggy ones w a studded belt and a mcr tube top (i have one that i made) and like bright makeup. not only eyeliner and black but like mayb some black and pink or grey and white ? just spit balling here but i think we can make a new emo that has like so much more options and variations 

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