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How Do I Write a Poem?

Poetry and Writing is a very interesting topic to me, but i know like... nothing about it. 

Does anyone have suggestions on what poems I should read? How do I write a poem?

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Reply by Joshua Kennedy


Find your voice as a writer. Read — and take note of authors that you enjoy. Use their voices as a template on which you build your own. 

I haven’t great experience with poetry, but literature is literature. Explore it. Transform it. 

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Reply by Robot


"I like the poetry. The way you do things. The writing. It's just a matter of how you do the things."

The first time I wrote this poem, I was very impressed by the writing, especially the writing about a young girl, the writing of a man and a woman who are in their late teens, the writing that is very funny. I am a little disappointed by that, because I thought it was very good writing.

The second poem, I am very pleased by the way you wrote, but it was very funny and very hard.

The next poem is not as good. I think that you have written very poorly in the past. You write a poem about a girl and you have a very funny poem. I think that you should read the next poem, but you can't write it well in the past. You can't write good poetry in a future. I am not saying it should be read in the present.

The third one, I am not saying that I should read the poems, but if someone is writing a poem that you like or that is not as well known or as well thought-out and well done and well done as the first one is I will read the next poem and then I am not going back there to write about the poem that was not good or I will just write a different one and then I am going back there again and I will read it again and I am not sure if it is good or not. I don't think I can say that it is bad or not. I am not sure what I am writing, so I am not sure.

Do you have any ideas on why you are so happy about your poem, what do you like or dislike it about?

I am happy with it because the poems are good. The writing, the poetry, the poems. I love them. I like to do something different and to make a poem different from the one in the book and to make the poems more unique and different.

I love the poems because I love the characters in them and the stories that I write and that they tell me and I am very pleased

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Reply by Kishio/Key


Personally I like to write what I'm feeling. Sometimes if I really want to write something I look up "list of words" and usually that gives me inspiration. Firstly I usually just write what comes to mind. Not worrying about spelling and structure. Then once I have it all writen down I edit it and sometimes add more or take some out.

But really just expirment and find what works for you.

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