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Breeding can be v confusing, if you have any questions or anything ask em here!

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tips for saving money
- if there are no good horses up, wait! don't breed with a horse that has terrible stats just because you want to breed

- if you don't have enough money, don't breed zero hearts. it's a risky move as is, and if you have under one million, don't bother

- class your horses to 179 when putting them up! as your money grows, you can eventually stop, but the difference between 83 control and 92 is big

- PRICE YOUR HORSES CORRECTLY. putting a horse at 10k just because you don't think people will breed it doesn't get you money! 7 breeds at 10k gets you roughly 58k, while 7 breeds at 20k gets you roughly 100k (taxes included)! there's a big difference

- breed for clean lineages! as you get more money, you can start breeding for other coats, but focus on a three star coat and get +9s. once you have enough, you can branch out to other coats and other lineages

- put ALL good horses you get up! any +9 or +8 is money, even if it's ugly as hell. even two breeds is better than none! classing to 179 makes even more of a difference. (for example, a extremely short x short thin rabicano got 11 breeds!). pretty +1s with clean lineages makes a lot too!

- set thresholds for yourself, and stick to them. if you have 70k, don't go below 50k. if you have 125k, don't go below 100k. if you have 374k, don't go below 350k. and don't spend all your money in one go. ao is rng, it doesn't matter, wait a bit before spending more

- make alts, but don't immediately donate all your money to your main. build up a good reserve on that alt, that makes it so that you and your alt can breed each others' horses. if you have a mil on an alt, or even 500k, that makes it so that your alt isn't at a dead end when you need to donate to your main

- learn patience, you don't have to breed right now, just wait!

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