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old emo youtubers from the 2010's

Was anyone else here a fan of the old emo YouTubers that used to be around in the 2010's? I mean people like My Digital Escape, Social Repose, etc. I recently found out that leafyishere is back on the internet and ended up on the pipeline to Onision and Eugenia Cooney. It's honestly insane how much they impacted my personality as a kid and what bad role models they all were. I just want to know if anyone else had any cursed experiences watching controversial YouTubers back in the day.

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Reply by stuntgirl


not rlly an emo youtuber , but i watched a lot of shane dawson in like, elementary school, and yeah its rlly shocking how messed up so many youtubers we watched as kids were.

not controversial (to my knowledge) but i still have a soft spot for dan and phil lol tho i dont watch them anymore

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Reply by xX_N1ghtm4r3_P01s0n_Xx


Dan and Phil and Smosh were some of the big ones I remember. With Anthony returning last year, it really does feel like the 2000s is coming back hard.

I also used to watch Shane Dawson (cause I found out about him through Jacksfilms - given they've not interacted in ages I think you can figure out what my thoughts are); fucking cringe at the thought.

I was more interested in like speedpaints and AMVs and shit as a kid.

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