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Who is the knight of Deltarune? [SPOILERS]

Posted by CazCade


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So, this is a theory, so feel free to ask questions in the replies but, on to the main theory.

So, as the title asks, who is the knight of Deltarune? My main two theories are, Kris and Ralsei.

Ralsei: You might be asking, "But its obvious its kris, date to the end of chapter two!!" (Im saying this half mockingly)  but, who couldn't say it was transported to him? I assume most people reading this know about power transferring so who's not to say that ralsei is the knight who's made all 7 dark worlds but realize what he's done, sacrificing his powers over to Kris (also I say a lot of the same words so sorry abt that) and Kris could've just opened a new opening to the chapter 3 dark  world, but on a different condition, what if that IS where the C3 (Chapter 3) fountain is,. Also, for my evidence (which is very few so far) False I has been able to withstand both worlds so far, because Lancer, and Roulx (I think thats how its spelled) have turned to stone. second piece of evidence is that he's managed to go to TWO dark worlds. Only reason Lancer was transported was because he was in our key items. That's all for ralsei though.

Kris: So, as I said in the first explanation Kris spawned a fountain (date to the end of C2) Now I'm going to keep this short as I REALLY want to stop, Many evidence, End of ch2, the dark world suit, THE FACT HE CAN TAKE OUT HIS SOUL. Now, as I said I'm going to keep this short, but as it may seems like I just proved myself wrong, I want YOUR opinions in the replies. Thanks for listening.

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